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The engineering department is responsible for making your ideas come true by combining design, development and technological value to the product, so with the same cost we obtain greater value added to the final product.



The technical office has a team of engineers specialized in the production process for the improvement of study products.

The engineering team studies the viability of the product, to obtain greater reliability and precision in its manufacture, achieving improvements not only productive but functional, always without leaving aside the criteria and rigorousness marked by our customers, working together with them.

somos una empresa responsable e involucrada en la mejora continua.

departamento de calidad

ORPLAS S.L. aware of the importance of quality as a strategic factor in the competitiveness of our company, establishes the following Quality Policy that identifies us as a responsible company and involved in continuous improvement, ensuring the quality and efficiency of all our processes and products to achieve thus our main objective; THE SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS.

For this ORPLAS S.L. has developed in a more extensive way in his process some points of the Standard such as:

  • Thorough process control, production ratios and time control to ensure the customer a correct manufacturing and delivery time according to each of their orders.
  • Control from the input of raw material in the warehouse, to the final finished product, with control guidelines in each of the processes involved in the manufacture of the product.
  • The Quality department has the necessary means for product control and calibration of said control means.

ORPLAS S.L. in its eagerness to obtain the maximum quality in all its manufactured products, it carries out different tests during the production; from hardness / resistance test, thermal shock, corrosion. We have a neutral salt fog chamber to guarantee that the pieces meet the requirements of the anti-corrosion regulations. We comply with regulations: ASTM B117, ISO 9227, DIN 50 021, JIS Z 2371, etc., and thus guarantee the highest quality in the manufactured products.

For all these reasons, the Management is committed to the established Quality Policy; be widespread and in addition to that it is completely understood by the entire organization and that is fulfilled to achieve our objectives.



With the commitment of the entire company ORPLAS TECHNOLOGY S.L. has drafted an environmental policy.

The company is committed to:

  • Every new project will contemplate an environmental impact study of the new industrial equipment that is needed for the process, as well as the raw materials that are involved in it.
  • The conditions demanded by the regulatory authorities are mandatory, so that part of the company’s budget is invested in the improvement of machinery and dispose and cleaning of waste by different methods, such as active carbon filters, ultrasound, in addition to the introduction of hybrid machinery to minimize energy consumption (PROJECT IVACE).
  • The waste generated that cannot be recycled or reused is removed by managers authorized by the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Audits are performed in the factory on a regular basis to facilitate the environmental task through the department responsible for this task.
  • In order to guarantee the interests related to the improvement of environmental management, close collaboration is maintained with customers, regulatory authorities, employees, suppliers and neighbors to ensure compliance with the related regulations.
  • Constant improvement of the environmental management system, debug responsibilities and control procedures.